14 February 2008

happily ever after

once upon a time, a faery princess was sent to a new royal tutor. during english lessons, she was seated next to a sweet, shy squire from a neighboring kingdom. the squire developed a crush on the faery princess, & blushed every time she spoke to him. the faery princess saw this, so made a point to speak with him often (to the annoyance of their english tutor.)
eventually they became friends, & for the next two years they would exchange pleasantries whenever they found themselves in the same part of the castle.

during one summer break, the squire earned his spurs, causing all the ladies of the land to fawn over him horridly. when he returned to the castle for autumn lessons, the faery princess noticed the changes in her sweet, shy squire/turned knight, & found herself developing a crush of her own.
she was sure he would want to wear her favor; as he'd been mad for her for two years; so was shocked to find he was too busy with his silly admirers to pay her any mind.
royal schooling ended two years later, & they went their seperate ways: he to compete in jousting tournaments, & she to do all that a faery princess must.

time passed; 6 years to be exact; & the faery princess attended a royal ball. it was late, & she was bored with all the annoying knights vying for her hand. she was about to leave for her castle, when she spotted a tall, handsome knight across the room. the faery princess was sure she did not know him, but he reminded her faintly of the sweet, shy squire she'd known all those years ago. she was intrigued by this stranger, & felt strongly that she should like to know him.
she plucked up her courage, & walked around the ballroom to make his aquaintance. as she neared him though, her courage failed. she put her head down, & quickend her pace to get past him. before she could, a hand shot out, & grabbed her by the wrist. she looked up, & straight into the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. beautiful, and very familiar! this handsome knight was indeed her sweet, shy squire!!!

they talked long into the night, & as they did, they fell deeply in love. after a time, the handsome knight asked the faery princess to marry him, & so she did. they lived quite happily this way for years; 7 years to be exact; when they found themselves blessed with a tiny princeling of their very own. this was a wonderful thing indeed, for nothing but this could have made the couple any happier than they already were. that was 10 years ago. in all this time, the faery princess, her handsome knight, & their tiny princeling have been living happily ever after.

the end beginning.

happy valentines day!

anyone could give you a box of chocolates.
you know you want the heart-cow.


Anonymous said...


also the heart chihuahua would be nice


kat said...

my dear anonymous: the heart puppy too! yes!!!!

Anonymous said...


~Phaedra~ said...

lovely story, thanks for sharing! moo.

spryte44 said...

darn that heart puppy anonymous was me!!!

faerwillow said...

~faerie tales do come true...your story so very much sililar to mine!!! beautifully written piece to be treasured...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

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