13 February 2008

more of the same

i don't wish to harp on this; but i am not enjoying the never-ending pestilence. i shall spare you further bitching about it. before i do, i need to ask: why do i start feeling much better, then wake the next day miserable, then ooh look! i'm feeling pretty decent, oh no wait, i'm actually a wretched puddle of goo, etc... why?

not much has been getting done of late. i did manage a bit of planting & tending on sunday. the sun felt lovely on my back whilst i worked. one of the woes of this pestilence has been feeling constantly cold, so this little heat wave has been much appreciated.

yesterday we were at our tuesday book-craft gig. the heat left us all feeling slow & lazy. this resulted in the shorties being a bit out of sorts, but we mamas enjoyed it to no end. relished it in fact!

it was also book club night! sadly only two of us were able to attend, so it was turned into a craft & coffee night. before i had to head home (early due to pestilence) i managed to knit thehobbit a mini scarf for valentine's day. i used the remainder of yarn from my scarf, so we'll match. he will be thrilled by the matching! i made the scarf short, sort of a funky cravat if you will. this way he can use it for dress-up as well.

speaking of dress-up... today thehobbit is wearing (over actual regular clothes) a brown, fuzzy fleece vest (zipped literally to the chin) with a black belt over it, a hands-free headset on his head, and a large, plastic bowl over that. i'm guessing it's a space helmet. he has a small bowl on a doll's head as well. they have turned a bench, two yoga blocks, & a doll cradle into a spaceship. i've no idea where they are headed, but they look to be having great fun on their way.

i hope your day is great fun as well.

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