07 February 2008

9 years, 12 months,

& 1 day!!! yesterday my sweet hobbit turned 10!

my plan was to have a nice, quiet, family day... get some of thehobbit's kitchen done, eat delicious food, be mellow, & silly together. manlyman had something else in mind.
he decided that 10 was just too big to be treated as any other birthday. so my amazing husband sold some golf bags & clubs, & used the money to take us to disneyland! no, not just for the day... he bought annual passes, so we can celebrate all of 10!! i doubt i need tell you how thrilled thehobbit was.

because we knew we had all year; & because i was still sick; we went on only a handful of rides, played quite a bit on main street, & saw a few shows. we lingered everywhere we went. it was truly a magical day.

day 5 :: celebrate my child

so what does one do the day after such a momentous occasion? if one is me, one is sick. i knew i should have asked that we go another time, but i just could not do it. there is something magical about your actual day of birth; most especially for children. besides, i had spent all of tuesday resting. apparently i should have done the same all of wednesday, or at least not spent it walking about, well into the very cold eve. today i am simply miserable.

to make things worse, i had to postpone his birthday tea party, & family dinner. :-(
i'm too sick, & just haven't the strength to do all that i would need to for either, let alone for both.

all three of us took photos at disneyland, so i shall look through them, & choose some to share with you (when i'm feeling back to normal.) time for more hot tea & honey.


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday -- a day late -- to Mr. Hobbit!

Get well soon, Hobbit's mama!

kat said...

thank you for both!!

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