05 January 2010

hello, i'm home.

i've missed visiting with you these past few weeks, but i did need a bit of a break. not from you - goodness no! - just a break to clear my head. now that the cobwebs have been cleared, i am ready to get back to things. i'll start by showing you the little teapot we chatted about; the one that i love, love, love.

it's simply perfect in every way. i had no intention of shutting it away in some dark cupboard, but as legomania has o'ertaken the dining table, i thought it best to move it from there. the only place i could be sure it would not be broken was, alas, the dark cupboard. fortunately its cups are there, so it's not too lonely.
though i'd not been chatting here, i had been reading others' blogs. i am so impressed with all the crafting & cooking that's been going on. wowza, you people are amazing! i had no time/energy to make things this past holiday season, so relied solely on mail-order. i'm thankful for that, but i missed creating for the people i love. next year i shall a) insist on a handmade xmas, & 2) steal many of your ideas.
the bonus for not wearing myself out the past few months means that i am rested (hahahaha) for thehobbit's birthday party next month. happily he's insisting on only 5 friends, but the theme is going to require a lot of work: japanese. don't say oh that's not too much work, because you don't yet know what i know. he wants them to make their veg sushi at the party. oh the prep work...
wait!!! i just realized that means i'll have to go to my japanese store!!!!! can you see me doing the happy dance? i still won't be able to buy anything for myself, but i will get some yayas out by getting all the fun sushi accoutrement, as well as party favors. ooh. now i'm looking forward to the party. ok, i can do this.
ooh, i can make bunting to hang all over the house - using japanese newspapers for the triangles! ok i have to go make a list now, whilst the thoughts are still in my swiss cheese brain.
have a glorious day please.

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