24 January 2010

crowns & drawing kits

my hope is to get a bunch of birthday crowns, & drawing kits completed (& in theshop) by the next weeks' end. they've been high on my to-do list for quite some time. of course that would be the same list my house-cleaning chores are on, so, yeah.

the crowns are half-done at least. with the exception of the blue, this bunch is made from darker hues of wool felt. they aren't colors i'm drawn to, but they were included with the stack of lighter felt i was given. seems a shame to not use them.

doesn't the blue one look a tad where-the-wild-things-are? these little starry buttons are adorable - they came from a jacket thehobbit wore when he was teeny. i get such a kick out of reusing things.

as for the drawing kits, i have enough fabric to make a dozen, but i don't know that i have enough time to complete that many. wee elflings do greatly reduce a mama's free time. still, a few is better than none :)

i've long wanted to stock theshop with these kits. the thing is, every time i've made a batch,
they have sold before i could list them. there's no show on the books, so no danger they'll be snatched up.

you can see what they'll look like here. with different buttons though, as i use ones i've saved from thrifted clothing. that was the only kit that ever made it into theshop.

the colored pencils come from my beloved japanese dollar store. they don't always carry them, so i buy them out when they do. i'd love to find this brand in bulk, so i can decrease the packaging waste. until then i'll continue cutting-up the thin boxes for thehobbit's atc (artist trading cards).

keep your fingers crossed that i find the time to get all the to-dos, to-done.


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