28 January 2010

thursday things - 3

i did it! i remembered to post on a thursday. aren't you proud of me? to those of you living where 'tis already friday - it is not my fault. i didn't tell you to live so far away.

today i want to share a book that i do not want to give back to the library simply adore. i may be the last in blogland to read it, but the wait-list for it was a mile long. plus i may have forgotten to pick it up the first time it was my turn. i'm not admitting anything.

linen is far & away my favorite fabric. i have probably told you that countless times. i don't know what it is that draws me in; i just cannot get enough. you'd think that my enmity with the iron would keep me from using linen, but nope! i'm happy to go around wrinkled.

i plan to make many items from this book, most especially the house shoes. mary janes! you can see them here, at the top/left of the page. there are a handful of free patterns on that site, by the way.

linen is a good theme for today. take a look at the below links, & get linen-mad with me.

* i heart linen is a wonderful blog. i discovered her a few years back, read without cease, then, well, ceased. i don't know why, i simply forgot about her blog. i do that. swiss. cheese. brain.

* this sling! all her slings are beautiful, but i love the color of this one. plus, it's linen.

* 2 yards of vintage linen for sale in this etsy shop. all my spending cash is going to a hobbity birthday right now, so one of you head over & snap it up.

i could go on & on all day, searching for, & posting lineny things. i would too, were it not for the fact that my teeny elfing is awake. kill-joy. ;)

i hope you enjoyed this installment of thursday things. should you feel the need to thank me with a prezzie, you may send my very own copy of linen, wool, cotton to...

go linen-mad!


Asti said...

I love linen too. In the summer I just live in my crinkly, crumpled black trousers - so comfy.

kat said...

see? always more reasons to like you :)

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