23 January 2010

wish i was here

right here, to be exact:

my children bring me immeasurable joy, & i love every single moment i spend with them. ok, that last bit was not altogether true. i couldn't even type it with a straight face. let's try that again, shall we?

my children bring me immeasurable joy, & i love spending time with them. every now & again. heeheehee.

as much as i love being a homeschooling, attachment parenting mama, there are days when it can wear a person out. today was such a day.

i shan't bore you with the details, suffice it to say i wish their daddy-o was home from work, they were with them at the far end of the belfry, & i was soaking (quietly) in a hot bath.

i'm just sayin'.



Asti said...

hope you got that bath ;)

kat said...

i did, but it wasn't the quiet bath i'd hoped for. a certain teeny bebe had to get in on the fun.

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