18 December 2009

happy bloglidays!

my life is requiring all my attention right now, so i'm taking a break from blogging. a blogliday, if you will.

dry your tears my one & only reader, this is just for now, not for always. besides, i may miss you so madly that i'm back tomorrow! one never knows.

if i don't get a chance later, i want to wish you all the happiest of holidays, a glorious start to winter (summer to you upside-downers), and a wonderful new year.

in my absence:



Asti said...

Have a wonderful festive season and blog break. Enjoy your time with your man and babes ! x

Anonymous said...

Happy Bloglidays to you too. I hope your break is short.

Spryte said...

i'll miss you

Valentine said...

Hurry back! May your holidays be filled with the joy of the season.

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