17 January 2010


i am truly blessed. i know this. now, more clearly than ever before, do i see all that i have. all that i am.

so many mamas in haiti will no longer hear their children laugh, will not get to see them grow. it is heart-wrenching. brutally so.

it saddens me that it takes another's devastation to bring me into my here & now. to get me to let go of all the little things that clutter my mind & my heart; so that i can more fully appreciate all that is before me.

i sent my money, i think of them, & i pray for them often through the day. that's all i can do for the people touched by this horror, though i wish could do more to ease their pain.

i am sure i am not alone in any of this, & that most, if not all, of you feel the same way. i've heard so many people say that they are holding their little ones more closely these days. how could we not?

today i just needed to say this. i don't know why, i just had to. thank you for listening.


edited to add :: some more ways to help here.

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