22 January 2010

she has an electrifying personality, she has.

photo :: property of physics.umd.edu

it was pouring rain outside, & had been off & on for days. i was in the kitchen, making dinner when it happened. lightning lit the sky, & at the same time a thin, bright blue light came up from the stove top!
it would have been an amazing sight if not for the fact that it reached the metal spatula in my hand. painful prickings rose up from both hands, all the way to my shoulders! it was the most bizarre sensation, & didn't fade away for nearly an hour.
otherwise i was fine. ok, i was seriously a bit freaked out, but come on! i was touched by lightning!
i'd heard of it coming in through phones, computers, televisions. even one story of it coming in through the faucet of a woman washing dishes. i try to avoid those things during a thunderstorm, but it never occurred to me to be wary of the stove.
so learn from me people - do NOT cook in a storm.

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