14 January 2010

thursday things - the launching thereof

i thought, since i'm on the internet quite a bit these days (thanks to a certain someone who still insists on napping ON me), i should share some of the cool/interesting/fabulous/odd/etc things i find. not that i don't already share some of it, but this would be done purposely. sort of a weekly feature thing.

so - drum roll please (yes i have my own live band) - i bring you the 1st installment of thursday things!

this week i'd like to feature something fabulous from one of my newer favorite blogs: just something i made. cathe holden is a talented graphic designer, & an enormously generous one at that. not only does she do tutorials, she regularly offers free graphics, buttons, & the like. for free! as in she isn't charging money for her amazing stuff! clearly she drinks.

her alcohol habits aside; you have to make her one of your regular stops. you'll see why she is our (haha i wrote 'our'. why did i do that? i'm not deleting it, let my other personality do so.) choice for this week's thursday things at the top & bottom of this post. pretty, aren't they? they are free people! you can put them, & a bunch more like them, on your blog, or website.

if you like vintage graphics - & who doesn't - get over there, & have a look. then! then come back here & tell me how to personalize them. she says you can, but i'm so hopelessly technotarded (real word).

& that brings my very first thursday things to a close! see you next week!! or, um tomorrow.



Cathe Holden said...

You made me giggle- and just for that, I'll set down my drink long enough to personalize a frame just for you. Email me the wording and frame choice and I'll make one just for you.

Thanks for sharing me & my stuff!

kat said...

seriously?! how generous (see people??)of you. thanks :)

you are welcome for the love. your stuff is fabulous.

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