22 January 2010

thursday things - the second

it's the one week anniversary of thursday things! i decided we should celebrate this momentous occasion by holding it a day late. oops. so, without further ado...

as you know, i'm getting things ready for thehobbit's japanese birthday party. though i'd made sushi on many occasions; a few times even with children; i was feeling a bit flummoxed. lucky for me, we have an excellent public library. i was able to get 2 books i just may have to add to my own library one day.

* Vegetarian Sushi is a fabulous book! the recipes are easy to follow, & the photographs are beautiful. one recipe i think will become a regular at the belfry is sushi salad. basically you put the sweet, vinegared rice in your bowl, top that with all the finely chopped sushi bits, & use squares of nori to pick up your bites. no rolling!

that was something i dreaded; trying to help a handful of kids roll their sushi. now i won't be offering the sushi salad in place of the rolls, but (thanks to the book) i will be having them do sushi cones instead. much easier for me, & still fun for them.

* Japanese Vegetarian Cooking: From Simple Soups to Sushi may just be the most amazing japanese cookbook ever! there were only a few photos, which i did not like. without a photo, i am not likely to try a recipe. i don't know why that is, but there you have it.

even without photos, i am in love with this cookbook. i wanted to stop reading constantly, so i could rush to the kitchen to give something a go. do not read this book when hungry. trust me.

* origami club is chock-full of origami instructions. so far, my favorite page is titled useful. having creatively homeschooled for the past 8.5yrs, i can honestly say i am sick of the clutter. crafts & projects are so amazing to do, but my maude they do drive me mad!

creating little works of art that can then be used sounds perfect to me.

* obento! as usual, in searching for something specific, i have gotten sidetracked. i bookmarked the following to peruse during today's nap times. please note that i haven't done more than peek thus far, so if the sites are dreadful, or if they are covers for money laundering, i apologize.
i've more japanese party things to share, but the wee elfling is no longer tolerating his big brother (& vice versa). perhaps i'll save them for next thursday. with photos even! until then, ciao! (that's me, in too much a rush to look up "bye" in japanese.)
edited to add :: i spent a few bebe naps looking at the 2 obento sites - they are amazing!!! have fun poking about.

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