19 January 2010

i see. you see. see?

i like the photos showing bloggers' views: out windows, down at wips, & of course views of scrumptious desserts when out on the town. i've wanted to join the fun, but my camera is never with me when i have a photo-worthy view to share here with you. until now..

that is my view, pretty much any time my eyes are open. actually the above photo was taken by thehobbit, so it was his face getting peered into. i don't know how thehobbit managed to take such a tiny photo. most likely he was messing with my camera's settings again. ah well, it would make for a very cute letterhead.
i want to see what your view is today. it can be anything: window, wip, computer screen, book you're reading, laundry, etc. take a photo, post it on your blog, then come back here to leave the link in my comments. let's spread the joy - have your readers play with us. come on, it will be fun!
we all can use a bit of frivolity.

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