09 January 2010

in which she further breaks her 'no faces' rule...

sort of.

a few weeks ago i took a photo of my brand new, very own, yet-to-be-named laptop. had i known the reflective quality of her screen, i would have made sure to clean the room behind me, & get my be-jammied self out of the shot.

oh well, it's not like i hadn't told you how messy the belfry has become since the arrival of a certain teeny person. the messy reflection is proof that i wasn't exaggerating. & now you all have what you've been longing for lo these past few years: to see my face.

sort of.

but which is more glorious? more beautiful? more stunning to behold? sigh. i know. the laptop is.

you could lie to me though; tell me that the yet-to-be-named laptop doesn't hold a candle to my beauty. lie to me. i won't mind. i'll even believe you. um, you know, as a favor to you. so you can feel good that you were kind to me. i'm nice that way.
*note ::no, i did not fail the challenge. the yet-to-be-named laptop was my xmas prezzie from manlyman & my mother-in-law. oh ye of little faith.


Anonymous said...

So pretty (both of you) - Happy Blogging New Year!

Asti said...

ooooh, shiny ! Nice to see you too :)
I wouldn't worry about mess....it is very untidy here (understatement) after a few snow days with the girls at home. Enjoy your lovely new laptop.

kat said...

tinker ~ thanks love. happy blogging to you too!

asti ~ isn't it shiny though?? you have 2 kids making messes. i can't blame the new baby. well, i CAN, but it wouldn't be fair ;-)

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