26 January 2010

how i spent my day at disneyland

yesterday was our fare-thee-well trip to disneyland. it's been a fun few years, but after talking it over, we decided to spend the annual pass money on other things.

it was a lovely day, crisp & chilly, but the skies were clear & the sun kept us warm enough. there were very few people there, which meant no lines for the menfolk, & no stress for me. i don't do well in crowded places.

elfling (we stopped calling him lemondrop long ago - figured it was better to forget he ever had that scary start in life) had such fun. he's a people watcher of the highest order, & loves being out of doors. this was the perfect place for him.

when the menfolk were on rides, elfling & i would sit on a bench to nurse, & listen to the birds singing. he would get the sweetest, milky smile each time he heard them. i wish i'd taken a picture.

i did get one of those "my view" photos we chatted about the other day, however:

i could have done a series just like this! all photos of me sitting somewhere with thebebe either in my lap, or sling. i should have, that would have been funny: how i spent my day at disneyland. this photo would have been titled riding the tram. hmm perhaps we should renew just my pass, & i could start a blog about it. ha!
have a wonderful day, do!

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