24 July 2008

thumbs (& bums) up

the piratey swimming trunks were a huge success. i never did find a jolly roger, so i dug out my very last page of transfer paper, & set about piratificating (real word) the crud out of the trunks. a huge skull on one leg, pirates rule! in a gothic font on the other, a cargo pocket for no reason whatsoever, & the ribbon trim he asked for = one damn cute pair of piratey swim trunks.

he absolutely loved them; aside from the few times they slid down his bum in the pool; & asked if i would sew him bunches more. now i wish i'd made a paper pattern, instead of just tracing directly onto the fabric. oops.

have you heard about this site? you list your unwanted books, & people request them. you then ship your books out, which in turn earns you credit. with credit you can request books from others, & they'll ship them to you. for each book you ship, you pay the cost (about $2.50) - but others are paying to ship books to you. this is how i see it: i get rid of books i would take to a thrift shop, & in return i get books that i want - all of this for about $2.50 a book. it's pretty dang cool.
i've already received my first book, & today shipped 9 books out. as soon as they receive them, i'll have credit to get 9 more books. if you've got books you no longer need, sign up, & join the fun. list me as a referral (moongloe) please, so i earn credits; thanks. when you've signed up, come back here & tell me what your first request was.
here are 2 of the patchie totes for sale. i'm tinkering with where to take photos of the bags. i have a lot of items that will photograph well in nature, but i'm not yet sure about the bags. what do you think? too busy with the foliage, or nice?

the patchwork is made from drapery sample books. no 2 are alike, including the backsides of those pictured.

they are lined with a sheer, off-white fabric. i need to ask rubelin what the actual name of the fabric is, because i haven't a clue. i am having difficulty parting with the bottom tote. the colors are so rich in person. i may have, sort of, accidentally, possibly forgotten to pack it for the last show. perhaps. it is for sale though, so let me know if you are interested.
time for me to go. i have a date with a new book!


Allyson Hill said...

Paperbook Swap is so cool! I signed up but haven't submitted my first books yet...gotta get moving with that!

kat said...

let me know when you receive your first book. it's such fun :-)

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