02 July 2008

cross your fingers!!

** edited to add: the tests came back normal, & the doc proclaimed the items in question 'perfect & healthy.' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for your thoughts. **

i am leaving in a few minutes for a doctor's appointment. i don't feel comfortable sharing too much of my personal life, but i would love if those of you reading would think healthy thoughts for me.

do not freak, they are just going to check something a little more in-depth than my regular doc was able.

so please cross your fingers that all is well.
& if you are related to me, i need to ask that you keep this to yourself. i don't want to risk it getting back to my parents, & worrying them needlessly.
~peace & thanks.


maltagirl said...

hang in there mama! all will be well.

love you

kat said...

thank you!!

i love you too :-)

alison said...

How lovely to now know that you have healthy items!! Seriously Kat, I'm thrilled for you. I know how worrying times like that can be. Here's to healthy thoughts and long long lives!

kat said...

thank you alison. i'll drink to that - for all of us!!

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