27 July 2008

hogwarts homeschool

hogwarts homeschool is finally live. i haven't gotten anywhere near what i'd hoped to have on the site by now, but as i was the only one in a rush to get it completed, i imagine it's not that big a deal.
right now there are a few reviews, & links to great books & websites. down the road the place will be a one-stop shop for recreating the hogwarts experience with your kids. it's geared toward homeschoolers, but in-schoolers will find loads of fun things to do as well. eventually.
that's thehobbit's pet owl pig (short for pigwidgeon) by the way. he went with us on a field trip, & loves having his photo taken.
so take a look at the site, & make sure to visit there again. my goal is to have it completed by the beginning of school term. when all is as it should be, we'll celebrate with a give-away. hh (hogwarts homeschool) has a generous benefactor, who has donated some wicked prizes to the cause. i'll keep you posted!
we're making these, get out your glue gun, & make some along with us! would you come back & let me know how it went? leave links to your photos in the comments section please, so we can all see!
** edited to say: i am so tired of blogger removing spaces! i apologize for it looking like one giant, rambling paragraph. **

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