14 July 2008

photographic evidence!

yesterday was minipom2's 3rd birthday party. i am forever amazed that my tiny baby is a lanky, smelly 10 years old now; but what really blows my mind is watching my friends' kids grow. i imagine it's more bizarre since i'm not with their kids 24 sometimes quite long hours a day.

it was a lovely, relaxing party at one of those tucked out of the way parks. thehobbit had a wonderful time, & ran more than a child just coming off a week-long pestilence should. it's ok though, he needed it - needed to work the cobwebs out of his muscles, & get really tired. what he didn't need was someone; who may or may not have been me; forgetting his floppy hat. he came home one pink-faced little hobbit.


as i write this, said hobbit is listening to his elvis presley xmas cd. i love holiday music as much as the next person, but do i really need to have this in my head? all. day. long? in july? i suppose the fault is mine. i did say that i would love to no longer hear this constantly running through my mind. ask & you shall receive.


so what's with all the gnomes you ask? well these are some of the dinkie gnomies made for minipom2's birthday party. my dear pom was kind enough to send me the photos she took after hiding them for the gnomie hunt. i still haven't the space to put my photos onto my computer; not that i remembered to actually bring the camera; so i'm grateful.

i think they look fabulous out in the wild. this pink one was created especially for the birthday girl. i don't usually make them in non-earthy colors. yes, i am a gnome-snob. what i won't do for my friends. *dramatic, long-suffering sigh*

& on that note, i'm off. we have errands galore to run today, & the public may not want to see me unwashed, wearing stained jams.


~Phaedra~ said...

It's a weird day that I find my own blog through yours..however, I'm glad I stopped by, I think there may be some homes for your gnomies that could be photographed there too...playscape fever....

kat said...

could you not recall your blog's name??? heehee.

Pom said...

I love that the white gnomie looks like it's in winter, and the brown's scale is interesting, like a real person-to-tree ratio. Thank you for making them (and for pink, too!). The bday girl was quite thrilled.

kat said...

i love the photo of the gnomie behind the tree the best. thank you for your photos miss pom!

i'm glad she likes her gnomie.

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