16 July 2008

oohs, aahs, & ohs

i know it's only wednesday, but i have to tell you that i'm having a really lovely week. in addition to spending a wonderful day with my menfolk, & an impromptu coffee shop crafting with good friends, i'm finding treasures everywhere.

photo :: property of pyrexlove.com

this gorgeous set of pyrex does not belong to me. it belongs to the fabulous site pyrexlove. one of the treasures i found was the second bowl from the bottom; only $1 at a thrift shop! it's 2.5 quarts, so will get quite a bit of use. i love utilitarian, vintage kitchen things. look at me referring to something made within my lifetime as vintage - i must start drinking earlier in the day.

another treasure from the thrift shop was a 6ft fold-up table. it's old school: brown, heavy, faux bois surface - but it was only $20, & now i have my very own table for shows. i like that after the legs collapse, the whole table folds in half. it will make storing & hauling much easier. as long as i have someone with me who can actually lift it.


before visiting the coffee shop yesterday, we popped into the japanese dollar store. i'll have you know i mostly behaved myself - you would have been impressed at my willpower. oh how i do love the japanese dollar store. as usual i bought art supplies, some bento boxes, & something dinky for thehobbit's faerie village. my favorite treasure from this visit was the set of thimbles. i know! something so mundane, but i cannot wait to use them. envy me not this thrilling life of mine.


there were more things i wanted to share, but i was just informed that i have "been on the computer for 100 hours at least." i'm not sure who elected thehobbit keeper of the highly exaggerated time, but there you have it. before you go, tell me what you most look for at thrift shops. what do you collect? leave it in the comments section, so everyone can play.



kat said...

i will get the ball rolling. i look for:

vintage kitchen things
wooden boxes
vintage linens
eiffel towers

to manlyman's horror, there are many more things i bring home, but those are the things i actively look for on a regular basis.

your turn!

Sasquatch said...

when I can get there..I like floaty dresses, vintage depression glass, possible mosaic breakables!!

kat said...

mmm depression glass is lovely.
i have madrid plates (amber) that were my mil's. there used to be an entire set, but the 94 earthquake took care of that.

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