07 July 2008

gnome toilet gnome

of all the blogs in blogland, i have the most wonderful readers. there aren't many of you; but what you lack in numbers, you make up for in fabulomazingness (real word.)

your comments, & emails were much appreciated - i thank you, & my toilet thanks you. ellen wins coolest reader i don't know in person, because i loved her "yuk & damn" comment. that pretty much summed up the whole food poisoning experience for me.

update: i am well, & back to normal toilet um... usage.


in non-toilet news: i received my first order from casey's today. their products are wonderful, the prices amazing, & the package arrived when they said it would. check them out, then come back & tell me what you ordered :-)

the site was recommended by mushroom villagers. instead of painting the people, i'm going to use them for larger gnomies - they must wait until all the july birthdays have been sewn for though. you & i both know what that means: gnomies will get made, & some prezzies will be late.

the gnomies (of all sizes) are slated for two waldorf fairs, but i will make enough to sell online. which reminds me: anything you've seen i can sell to you directly. one of these days i will get my etsy shop open - stop laughing - i will! until then, just ask me.


that is all the babble i have today. thehobbit's asleep, manlyman is exercising, & i am off to look at craft sites get some work done.


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