03 July 2008

calling all embroiderers!

is that even a word? i'm sure it is, but it really does not look like it should be.

do you have a favorite embroidery site? know where all the cool patterns hang out? how about tutorials? please! send them my way. i would like to expand my repertoire beyond 3 stitches.

i've already found the tutorials over at the purl bee, as well as the fun collection of patterns at sublime stitching. look at their cute little camping trailer!

image :: property of sublime stitching

any patterns you adore would be welcome. i like seeing what others are into. i am interested in the following:

elizabethan, medieval, retro, herbals, alphabets, dark (skulls etc,) fantasy (as in gnomes, not naughty,) nature, & scroll/curls/whatisthewordi'mlookingfor.


** blogger is messing with my spaces again **

last night we had a special tu-wednesday craft in honor of paper's upcoming birthday. everyone lavished her with prezzies - well most everyone. a certain person; who may or may not be me; has yet to finish sewing hers. there was also a decadent chocolate cake, & absinthe. it was my first taste of the previously forbidden drink. who knew something so beautiful would be that strong? i can now breathe fire.


that's all the babble for today. i'm off to paint birthday cards with thehobbit - for a certain gorgeous man's birthday.

go have a slice of cake (after you send me your embroidery sites please.)



~Cheydleur~ said...


here's a handy one...

maltagirl said...

go check out turkey feathers stuff. mostly vintage but there are aome great wood alphbets, etc.

ellen said...

A great one that I love is, feelingstitchy.com.
p.s. I have trouble with blogger too, but then I am barely out of the dark ages when it comes to computers!

kat said...

you girlies rock! (i was going to say 'ladies' but i know 2 of you personally, & well...

malta - i'd utterly forgotten turkeyfeathers! i want to try that msl lettering.

cheydleur - the william morris flower!

ellen - welcome to my belfry :-)
the site you recommended is amazing. all the entries for the banner contest got me thinking about antique samplers (yes a strange jump,) & i think i may give one a try.

thank you all - please post links to your embroidery so we can all drool.

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