11 July 2008

in which i cannot focus

today our r&s group went to see the jane goodall exhibit at muzeo. i don't know how to explain what an amazing experience it was. hearing dr. jane speak back in 2006, was life-changing for my family. thehobbit heard what she had to say, & her words touched his heart. since then dr. jane has been the inspiration for much in his life, & in mine as well.

getting to be in a building filled with photos, belongings, & old films of the woman who rocked our world was, well it was inspirational. i saw my group laugh in the interactive areas, & sit transfixed watching film of her early days at gombe. i also saw my hobbit occasionally slip back to that day in 2006, it was beautiful to see. he also slipped into a 'tude to match an angry chimp's, not nearly as beautiful, but life is rough when one is ten getting over the pestilence.

if you are in the area, i recommend you visit the museum. you will never be the same again.

before the pestilence hit, we went to a matinee. we had to sell all our personal belongings to go, but it was worth it. i risk admitting my alleged age when i tell you that movies were $2 when i was a child.
if you've yet to see wall-e, go as soon as you're finished reading this post. the posters & trailers were so adorable, that i was half afraid the actual movie would be a let-down.
this was one of those rare times when the movie was actually better than we'd hoped. even if you haven't any children you will be glad you went. also if you haven't any children, can i stay at your home awhile? i imagine your tables aren't coated in a layer of sticky, nor are all your surfaces piled with junk treasures. *sigh*

lastly i want to know how to add fonts to my blogger template. i've managed a few hacks, but i have yet to find a hack for this - that i can understand.

this is the font i will be using for my new labels, & i'd like to incorporate it here. not for all the text mind you, just for titles. i'd like to add other fonts as well, so if anyone out there knows how to do this, please help a poor techno-illiterate out.


i'm off to watch brit-coms, & drink a steamy cup of soycreamy goodness. i hope you have a lovely night.


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