18 July 2008

hogwarts everywhere

have you ever noticed that when you focus on something it seems that everyone around you is doing the same? the last few weeks there have been a lot of hogwarts goings-on at the belfry. i'm busy getting things ready for the hogwarts homeschool session we'll be teaching, & we've begun the chatting stage for this year's hogwarts hallowe'en bash.

the past 2 weeks thehobbit has been talking more than usual about his hogwarts classes, & dug out an unused kit. then last night i was looking for a non-hogwartsy image on google, & a hermione lego toy was one of the first results.

this morning, whilst watching chitty chitty bang bang, thehobbit brought up these hats. when i asked him why he mentioned them, he shrugged, & went back to watching his movie. i've wanted to make a school hat for some years, perhaps now i will. one for thehobbit as well i suppose.

today we have a few errands, then a playdate with an old hag friends (pardon the inside joke.) we're looking forward to the day; minus the errand bit; but i'm having a hard time getting into the groove of things. do you know what i think would be lovely? mandatory naps after rising from bed each morning. how would one go about getting that on the ballot?
ok enough stalling. i'm off to drag my dirt-encrusted self into the shower. i'll leave you with what thehobbit is currently blaring on his cd player. you're welcome :-)


upyers said...

my wart is aching.....cough cough...

kat said...

hahaha! hello old hag. one more anonymous comment & i'll out you for the schizo you are. love you!

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