09 July 2008

interesting couch babble

children are strange interesting. there are days i believe my child shall one day be crowned king of the strange interesting.

i opened the new post page, ready to compose what would have been the most brilliant piece of literature history has ever known.

that is difficult to do when at the very moment you put pen to paper, (work with me) your progeny walks by, starkers but for a top hat, & a few mardi gras necklaces. not with a goofy smile; as if to say look how utterly silly i am; but as calmly as if he were wearing say... normal people who aren't living in an all male, nude circus , clothing. or merely clothing.


thehobbit's been hit by a mild pestilence, so we've been at home the last few days. it's entirely possible that he's watched more movies than he usually watches in a string of months. don't get me wrong, i am not complaining - the week has been quiet, & mellow, & i've gotten quite a bit of sewing, reading, & snuggling done. that said; i would like to get this song out of my head - you're welcome :-)

i managed 1 birthday crown, a crochet bag, & a few dinkie gnomies. add to that finally finishing the prezzie for paper, & i am about halfway done with the july birthdays. perhaps the rest of the birthday boys & girls would like my ever-lasting love instead of actual prezzies?


last night we had our wednesday night craft, & our monthly book club meeting. we had to switch this week due to today being minipaper's birthday. happy birthday minip! it was, as always, a lovely evening. do you get bored hearing me say that? perhaps one week i shall come to tell you that the night was dull, & those attending were a bunch of gits - just to keep it fresh.

i didn't craft as much as i ought, but i did manage to work on a custom order before succumbing to the lure of the cozy couch pillows. i blame oddsox, as she treated us to delicious indian food. plus they were her cozy couch pillows. it all smacks of treachery to me; she is trying to keep me from getting my to-dos to-done.

if you're reading along with us, our next book is edmund spenser's the faerie queene. don't be alarmed; we'll be reading this one for 2 months.


that brings tonight's installment of babble from the belfry to a close. have a wonderful night - clothing, top hats, & mardis gras beads optional.



~AE~ said...

Not a bad babble -git- great word...lovely image of the hobbit, he and little gandalf should be just fine flying the flag together! Them veins got no mention....

kat said...

i'll leave mention of the veins to you - ms fanny hill ;-)

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