17 July 2008

oohs, aahs, & ohs - deux

manlyman is home, & in charge of hobbit-wrangling, so we can continue yesterday's chat. not a moment too soon either. how can time fly so quickly, yet individual days take forever?

thehobbit was in a sweet mood all day, it's just that he seemed to need a lot more one-on-one than usual. to be honest i could have used a little less - i'll have a suite of my very own in hell one day for sure.

so back to my treasures:
soap gave me this book. i read it the other night, & i enjoyed it very much. it's nice once in awhile to read something light, & fun.

another treasure was found at the 99c store. a 6-pack of coke. yes, i know - eww. i rarely drink it, & when i do i always feel oogie after. but look!

the bottles are replicas of the 1889 bottles! see?!?! how on earth could i pass up such fun bottles? they're embossed on the front with property of coca-cola bottling co., & are the faint green of recycled glass. now i need only to figure out what i'm going to do with them, & i'll be set.


last night was tu-wednesday craft night. i finished embroidering the last of the birthday crowns, managed a few more rows on manlyman's washcloth, & organized my travel sewing basket. i think i do the last one at every craft night. i don't know what is with me & that basket, but i just cannot seem to keep it in order. do you have a craft bin that you cannot keep tidy? please, please say you do!

the night ended with paper knocking a mojito into my lap - the lengths to which some will go to try to get me out of my jeans. ha!

that's all the sharing i have in me tonight. as i said at the beginning, it's been a long day. i think i'll snuggle with a hot, soycreamy cup of coffee, pop in ear plugs, & just be. or maybe i'll kick manlyman's arse at guitar hero 3.



Anonymous said...

Oh my craft basket is ALWAYS super organised...NOT!!!!, drink the coke and be done with it, give me the bottles and I'll put them in my recycled glass mosaic in my kitchen..yes??

kat said...

i'm not in the least tempted to give you my fun new bottles.


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