30 July 2008

mickey mouse at the expo, eating fried food?

only 2 days until we leave for the homeschool expo! i've been rushing about like a mad woman, trying to get everything ready for the hogwarts homeschool session i'm co-teaching. i must admit i'm a little overwhelmed by all there is left to do.

the dragonfly artisans are donating a basket to the expo's raffle. paper is teaching a disney schooling session, so asked if we could use that as our theme. i finished my contribution this morning:

a mickey drink sling! what do you think? as usual, the sling is made mostly from recycled fabric: pants, skirts, drapes, & my nana's kitchen curtains. i hope whomever wins the raffle enjoys it.


no time for a proper chat today; i have to get ready for a field trip to the county fair. notice i didn't say 'we' - thehobbit has been dressed for hours already. cows mama! & pigs mama! & fried artichoke hearts mama! no wait, that list bit was mine.


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