25 February 2009

writing from long ago - with photographic evidence

no, we have yet to build a time machine that works; though we are still working on it; but we did find a way to send our photos back in time. the bakumatsu koshashin generator will age your photos in the blink of an eye, for free. you have to become addicted too give it a try!


for almost a week thehobbit has been playing obsessively with our various calligraphy kits. after trying a few different pens; including one made from bamboo; he settled on the quill he made in hogwarts a few summers ago.

the pens in those inexpensive calligraphy kits are quite a pain to use. only one came with a reservoir attachment, & none of them write smoothly. i figured they would be good for a child just learning; or merely wanting to play; but i hadn't figured on the level of frustration they'd bring.

i have a few quality pen sets from my days as an aspiring scribe; but was hesitant to let thehobbit use them. after watching him for a few days however, i realized he was taking much care with the crummy pens, & his quill - using them properly, & even rinsing them when he was ready to switch to a different pen or nib.

once the good pens were his to use, he became obsessed. since then he's taken to writing a few times a day, for long stretches at a time. his penmanship is improving quickly, & more importantly - he is having fun! the bonus for me is that he finally has given up on writing things as he thinks they ought to be spelled. with new abilities come a desire to do the thing properly i suppose.

not one to be left out, daddy-o is now daily staining his fingers with ink. it's sweet to see them quietly writing away, the only sound the scratchings of the pens on their papers, & the occasional giggle when one writes something silly.
i only took out the writing kits to make up for the fact that our pestilence was causing him to miss a hogwarts class - little did i know that it would set us on the road to another great adventure. i'm now waiting to hear if he'll add scribe to the list of things he's going to be when he's grown.
i'm off to see about lunch - i hope you have fun with the photo generator! thanks for all the well wishes; both here & via email; all at the belfry are back to their normalish selves.
edited to add :: it seems that blogger removes spaces between my paragraphs even back in time!

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