01 February 2009

have no fear...

... i did not burst into flames, nor was i dragged into the chasms of hell by demons who fly about, searching for mamas suffering from the blahs, & therefore acting nastily.

thehobbit's pizza of love was delicious, as was the giant bowl of soy ice cream with which i followed it. i ended the night early, by snuggling up to manlyman on the couch, & promptly falling asleep. sometimes only sleeping within the strong arms of the man who loves you can make things right again. that, & soy ice cream.

because i fell asleep so early, i wasn't able to sleep much the remainder of the night. this left me with a teensy headache, & a feeling of all-over grogginess. still!!! it is definitely not the blahs, so i'm fine with it.


today we're off to one of my most favorite local places, with two of our most favorite people. if you clicked on the first hotlink, the museum of which i speak is the villa. to spend the afternoon strolling through quiet halls, breathing in the beauty of the ancient world - it just doesn't get much better than that.


the above photos are a peek at sets of magnets i'm making. they're made of wooden hearts, the sides stained, & the tops decoupaged with words of love. more on these another time. i'm off to get ready for the day. i hope yours is lovely.


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