03 February 2009

say say oh playmate...

...come out & play with me.

lilys house tagged me, & since she played along with the 68 things (also because she is sweet & sassy) i'm not going to ignore her like i did the 50 zillion people who tagged me for that facebook thing.

my photo:

that was january '08; some hogwarts experiment that i cannot, for the life of me, recall.

i'm tagging oddsox, paper, & soap.

to play along: go to your images, open the fourth folder, & find the fourth image - then post it on your blog.

ps... "to play along" here means "do this now, because i know where you live" :-)


asti said...

looks nice and messy ! Glad to know i'm not the only one who ignores tagging and memes too (runs and hides.....) I've got a couple of things outstanding and it's really playing on my mind...wish they would go away :)

kat said...

they don't go away. i changed my fb status to announcing i would not be doing the 25 things, & still they came.


Fnordygal said...

Ha Ha! I have whole blog just for the silly stuff that gets tagged, forwarded etc..ok I'll play on my other blog....!

Allyson Hill said...

Very interesting! I have to check out what my 4th folder 4th picture is too!

kat said...

fnordygal ~ my dear oddsox, you & your multiple personalities ;-)

allyson ~ don't forget to post it on your blog :-)

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