22 February 2009

we're going to need more hankies

i'm sorry for the absence - thehobbit & i have been pestilencificating (real word). his seems to be on the wane, but mine is not. how unfair is that?

now manlyman has joined the fray; though he maintains he is not sick in the least. of course not. such a manly manlyman could not be brought low by a mere cold. (do you see me rolling my eyes?)

i just wanted to pop in, & let you know i had not abandoned you. i'm off to make another pot of tea, & snuggle with my wee sneezy little boy.

i do hope you're having more fun than i. look for me on the red carpet later - i'm sure to win the oscar this year.


asti said...

Hope you guys are feeling a little better now ? I can sympathise...we all have rotten colds here and I'm feeling grumpy..!
Take care and take it easy :)

kat said...

nearly better, thanks.

you get well quickly asti!!! grump away, i say :-)

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