11 February 2009

the 200-year-old man

february 12th marks the 200th birthday of abraham lincoln. as a child he was my favorite president, to the extent that i had a framed painting of him on the wall of my bedroom. i still think he rocked, but for the life of me can no longer recall why i was that gaga.

thehobbit knew a bit about lincoln, but we never formally studied the man. i thought this would be the perfect time; after all, one only turns 200 once. after poking through a few books yesterday, thehobbit decided we should build replicas of lincoln's childhood home. i was dreading the thought of popsicle sticks & mud, when he appeared dragging his box of lincoln logs. i thought a) whew, & 2) duh - of course lincoln's home should be made from lincoln logs. good thing one of us remembered we had those.

as you can see, thehobbit knew the appropriate hat for the occasion:

as we built cabin after cabin & why does he not tire of things as quickly as i? we talked about all that we'd read, & discussed more lincolny activities in which to take part.

one thing we agreed upon was the need for a birthday cake - we just cannot agree on what flavor licoln would want. i suggested we ask sir fennel (our ghost) to ask lincoln himself; but thehobbit merely rolled his eyes. for a moment i sat there shocked that he no longer believed in his beloved ghost, when he said with a long-suffering voice, i doubt they know each other. lincoln was a president, & sir fennel lived in england. oh. well. how could i have been so obtuse?

i'm not sure what lincolny activity is on the books for today. i do know one of us is interested in more cabin building. i also know one of us is not. one of the books has instructions for making a felt beard that attaches to your ears with rubber bands. this is just odd enough to sound like something we have to make. i wonder if i can convince thehobbit that we should wear them all day? who wouldn't want to run into a bearded mama & hobbit at the library?

i know some of you one & only readers live elsewhere in the world. are there any special celebrations going on in your neck of the woods this year?
time for me to be off. there are beards to sew, chores to get to, & friends to be met. have a great day!


rubelin said...

'tis also the 200th birthday of Darwin. Less log cabin making for that celebration.

kat said...

i noticed that on google. to celebrate we discovered the missing link.

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