08 February 2009

in which eleven rocks. mostly.

birthday number eleven was, to quote thehobbit: the best birthday ever! as predicted, he woke a) too bloody early, & 2) thrilled out of his mind that it was his birthday. because of the storms we had to cancel the day at disneyland with grammie.

we did have to go to disneyland though, to pick up thehobbit's gift card. this year disneyland is offering birthday gifts to anyone who signs up. after registering (& showing proof of id) you get free entry to the park. those with annual passes can choose from a few gifts - we chose the gift card. it was worth the price of entry ($69!), & good at any of their shops.

the rain wasn't too terribly bad, & we only needed to use our umbrellas a few times. the best part was that there were few people there. those who braved the rain all seemed to be people with positive attitudes. to be honest, it was lovely.

thehobbit knew he wanted a little wall-e toy. they had bigger ones with all the bells & whistles, but he wanted the little one he could carry in his pocket. fine with me! after looking through a zillion three shops, we headed into california adventure for veggie burgers & fries.

across from the restaurant was an aviator-themed shop. thehobbit nearly fainted when he saw the jacket of his dreams! he had just enough money left on the gift card to pay for it - shiny, happy people! here is the back view:

it says sky leader, & has a picture of mickey mouse flying an old plane. the front & sleeves have patches - disney versions of aviator patches. now he can play hogan's heroes in style. which he has. constantly. since.

manlyman & i were thrilled he chose the jacket over more toys he didn't need. we weren't surprised however - the apple doesn't fall too far from the belfry.

after that we walked through downtown disney, & saw the movie coraline in 3d. i absolutely loved this film! the menfolk did as well, though it scared the pee out of thehobbit. i had a feeling he should not have seen it, but we promised a movie, & it was the only thing for kids that was playing. ok that dog hotel movie was as well, but i'd rather give my kid nightmares (which i did), than see that film. if you have an interest in coraline, you must check out their website. watch the little movies, especially the knitting! the teeny gloves & sweaters this woman knit! it will blow your mind.


thus far eleven has rocked. except for yesterday when i found that thehobbit had labeled everything in the bathroom. for xmas his grammie gave him one of those fun labelers we all had as children. he quickly used all the tape, so grandmama & grandpa sent him a ton of tape for his birthday. yes, very cool indeed. unfortunately he gets all his naughty genes from his daddy-o & me; of which there are many; hence the great bathroom labeling incident. it took forever to get it all peeled off, & he cried at the loss of his artwork. fun.

well that is all for today. i hope you enjoyed the post-elevensies update. i also hope you are able to sit down for a pee without having to remove a label from the seat first.



rubelin said...

oh maude, I can just picture those little labels all over your bathroom, lol!! We keep missing chances to holler our happy wishes at the Hobbit but I'm glad to hear of the fabulousness of his birthday celebrating =)

kat said...

thanks rubelove!

if you like, i can send him over with the labeler to decorate your bathroom.

Allyson Hill said...

I remember thinking that every birthday was "the best birthday ever". How cute!

kat said...

i never thought of it that way. i suppose they all are the best ever when small.


~Phoenix~ said...

you know it was a good day and you are the perfect parent for a mo' when they use that exclamation, "best day ever"! Glad you had fun!

kat said...

thanks oddsox :-)

i hope this doesn't mess with my chances of being named 'worst mama of the year' again.

asti said...

Belated Happy Birthady ! just to make you feel better , I've just discovered hundreds..okay maybe 20 stickers on the paintwork all the way up the stairs. i think everything in this house is stickered. I just gave up :)

kat said...

hahahahahahaha! thanks - that does make me feel better.


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