18 February 2009

friends near & far

i know i gush quite a bit about them, but i cannot help it - i love my girlfriends! i'm blessed to have such wonderful, warm-hearted women in my life.

today is wednesday, which means crafting night! i had to miss last week's gathering, so am really looking forward to the evening. if i told you how bizarre these sweet women are, i don't think you'd believe me.

i'm also looking forward to the weekend, because i have plans with a dear friend i rarely get to see these days.


of late i'm missing my far-away friends most dreadfully. not that i don't always miss them, it just seems that lately i feel their absence more acutely.

happily i received a letter from one yesterday. reading it made an already wonderful day that much more bright. i love how the internet brings us all together, but there is nothing like an old-fashioned letter. she made a book from postcards, & wrote on the backsides of them - that's the front one, pictured above. don't tell her i told you, but that woman sure can write tiny. i nearly needed a magnifying glass!

as i type this i'm "chatting" with another friend who is too far away. we knew each other in person for less than a year, & have managed to stay connected the 7 years since i moved back to california. in this case, i am more grateful for the internet than i can say. the near daily chats with her have allowed us to become the best of friends, whilst still paying attention to our families. mostly ;-)

of course i have not forgotten you, my imaginary blog friends. i am grateful for you, knowing that you're there reading, & the occasional comments & emails you send. i only wish you'd write more often. don't be afraid, i don't bite. well i do, but only manlyman.

that's all i have to say today. my mind is filled with thoughts of friends, so i thought i'd gush a bit more. i hope you get to see people you love today.


~Phoenix~ said...

hey gushy, hear hear to that!!

kat said...

lovely to see you last night miss oddsox!

loftygal said...

Here's to friends and family. Cheers!

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