26 February 2009

who really needs that many candles?

tomorrow is my birthday, & i'm thinking it well past time to drop down to the one wishing candle on the cake. i don't want to risk a cake cave-in, nor do i want that many bees working on my behalf.

as i was make-believe shopping for myself on etsy, i came across this fabulous birthday card!

photo :: property of earmark

now i don't get upset about my birthday; in fact i celebrate it the majority of february; however that card is just the perfect amount of sassy for me. i poked around her shop a bit, & found other fun things - her sassy versions of the keep calm poster crack me up, but i still want the original.
i'm not doing anything huge to celebrate my day. tomorrow is also the unofficial homeschool day at disneyland, so we'll spend the first half of the day there. in addition to being around hundreds of homeschoolers, we'll get to see friends who moved away a few years ago. we're very excited about that! we shall leave disney early, because manlyman has to work, & i want to spend as much of my birthday with him as i can. i'm mushy that way :-)
that's all the chatting i've time for today, but before i go here is a royal birthday proclamation: tomorrow you all must celebrate along with me! you must dress in your fancies, & have more cake than is wise. the flavor is up to you :-)


~Phoenix~ said...

My great Aunty Lilly turns 100 this Sunday and I'm pretty sure she won't b needing many candles either!! Happy Birthday Kat!!

kat said...

thank you my sweet oddsox!

a very happy 100th birthday to your great aunt lilly! how fabulous!

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