16 February 2009

the good, the bad, & the hawk

well? did you have a lovely valentine's day? mine was quite nice. thehobbit decided we should set a fancy table for dinner, complete with candles, & place-markers. he did an excellent job, & of course i forgot to take photos. since then, he's set a fancy table for every meal. it's great fun, but i don't have many of my good dishes left (thank you '94 earthquake), so don't know how much longer i can allow it.

my good dishes were hand-me-downs from my mother in law. they're depressionware - nothing fancy, but i love them. if thehobbit doesn't tire of the fancy table soon, i may get some glass plates from the dollar store. they look like clear, not so pretty versions of depressionware, so perhaps thehobbit will find them fancy enough.

the good: last week martha showed an excellent way to keep seeds & seed packets. i found a plastic bin i was no longer using, & set about marthafying (real word) my seeds. up till now i kept them all in a beautiful, old box. this is not as pretty, but it is easier to keep track of them, & the plastic box can tolerate the dirt & water of the farm.

the bad: i washed my little throw pillows. lazy as i am, i didn't bother to create a pillow first, then sew covers out of the vintage linen. nope, i just sewed the cases, stuffed them, & stitched them shut. that meant that i could not hand-wash the pillows, so into lady macbeth they went. they never made it to her dryer, for when i opened her wash i found it filled with vast amounts of stuffing, & these:

ripped, empty linen cases. one was so shredded that i didn't bother saving it. the pillows were small to begin with, so i cannot make smaller ones with what i have left. that will teach me not to be lazy with sewing projects. or not.
the hawk: my family loves hawks. manlyman is convinced the hawk is his spirit animal, because they seem to follow him everywhere. at work there is one that will land a few feet from him, & just watch him play golf.
our neighborhood hawk spent the morning at the top of our pecan tree. because of the rain, i couldn't go outside to get a proper photo. i had to take it through a window - hence the poor quality.

he's camera shy - kept turning his head away, so i couldn't get a shot of his face. i wish i could have gotten a better photo to share with you; he truly is beautiful.
& now i'm off to snuggle with my menfolk, & listen to the storm rage outside our warm, little belfry. i hope your day is spent with those you love.

i'm sorry, blogger is messing with my spaces again.

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