12 February 2009

beauty abounding

i meant to post these photos after the field trip, but i forgot. we had a lovely time, spending most of the day out of doors. as much as we wanted to see the museum's ancient treasures, we could not resist the sunshine, & the crisp sea air. this is what you see when you look just above the museum:

it's hard to believe that looking the other direction, you see the ocean. i love california's coast.

of their gardens, this is my family's favorite. it's the kitchen garden! beyond the pond; & behind where i was standing; are fruit trees, & beds of herbs. i'll have to take more photos this summer, so you can see it in all its glory.
there is also a grape arbor,

through which friends may stroll. my first thought when i saw them was oh how sweet are they?; then i realized they were most likely plotting some great bit of mischievousness, & the moment was gone.

that's all for today. i have more to do than there are hours of daylight, so really should get to it.

~peace. ** thanks for all the hobbity birthday wishes!**


notesfromthefrugaltrenches.com said...

Oh I love love love California. Beautiful pictures!

kat said...

thank you for your comment, & for visiting :-)

i'm glad you enjoyed the photos - the getty is truly a beautiful place.


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