14 February 2009

be my valentine!

how about we get dressed in our fancies, & have a tea party?!!! you bring the scones & clotted cream, & i'll make trays of savories. wouldn't that be fun?

photo :: property of valentine's attic

i hope you have a glorious day; filled with joy, laughter, & love.

happy valentine's day



Allyson Hill said...

Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone, but hope it was a good one for you and your sweet family! I love your post about Abe. My son has a fascination with him and decided to be Abe for Halloween last year (1st grade). I think the beard was my favorite part!

kat said...

it was a lovely day thanks :-)
i hope yours was as well.

you & i must have the most interesting sons on the planet!


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