03 March 2009

monster-slaying, day-brighteners

thank you for the birthday-love; both here & via email. you made me feel well & truly celebrated. i hope you all got to have cake!

i woke today in a funk, but before it could take over completely i decided to sit with a mug decaf soycreamy goodness, & think about things that make me smile. not the grand things; like my child, or my man, or all the ways in which i am blessed; but the little things. those tiny things that make a day just that much brighter.
by the time my mug was empty, my funk was more a shadow in the background, than a threatening monster. with camera in hand, i walked about the belfry, so i could capture just a few of the things that have been brightening my days of late. here they are, in no particular order:
* my new tea cups from the japanese store! most of my dishes are a creamy, white cafewear, but i could not resist these sweet cups. i love how chunky they are, yet how dainty the design. of course what sold me was the wonkiness - just perfect for me.

* watching thehobbit work with my calligraphy pens. as usual, rather than learn the proper fonts, he's come up with a few of his own. i'm not sure which i like better; the curlies, or the going back & forth between upper & lower case letter. & nope - that wasn't his name written over & over.

* everything is in bloom! it's not quite spring, but mother earth doesn't seem to care. all around me i see things in various stages of springitude (real word) - heck, we're eating sugar snap peas from our wee farm already. these euryops line the front of the belfry. not only are they beautiful, but they grow quickly (into huge bushes,) & are drought-tolerant.

* thehobbit's newest hobby: artist trading cards (atc). my friend doc introduced him to the cards years ago at a little weekly camp we'd created. he had fun for a day or two, but the interest didn't stick. recently; through a chain of homeschooling events; he was reintroduced to atc creating. this time interest definitely stuck.
minidoc wanted to do an atc swap at disneyland (friday was the unofficial homeschool day at disneyland - in addition to my birthday), so all last week there was a mad frenzy to create as many cards as possible. auntiepaper brought over the blanks, as well as some extra bits and bobs - thank you auntie!
as with the calligraphy, there has yet to be a day without an atc session; so i've gathered all the atc accoutrement into a low basket to enable easy access (as well as easy clean-up). you can see from the below photo that daddy-o couldn't resist making a card - you know that golf-themed one was not made by the littlest member of the family.
i like that the size of the cards allow for nearly instant creative gratification. i also like that they re-use something that would just end up in the recycling bin (food boxes).
oh - he had a fabulous time at the disneyland atc swap. doc wisely brought blanks so kids could make more after they'd finished swapping - which they did :-)

so those are just a few things that make me smile right now, and brighten my day. thanks for letting me share.
something bringing on a frown is my inability to use the ampersand button. what the!?!!! it doesn't seem to be stuck, but all of a sudden no beautiful ampersand shows up, no matter how hard i push, nor with what i threaten it. i'm sure a few of you have noticed i'm more than a bit ampersand-happy. i'm off to figure out what is wrong, before i have to type and too many more times.
and (shiver) on that note, i'm off. have a lovely day, please do!

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