31 January 2009

blah, blah, nasty, blah.

today i've had the blahs. the weather was beautiful, thehobbit well-behaved, the cupboards stocked with food & treats - yet i felt blahish all the while. don't ask me to explain, because i can think of no reason for the mood. blah, i say.

i did manage to get a few things done through my blahish haze. i made some magnets for theshop, helped thehobbit build a catapult, & tended the farm. sadly, that was pretty much it.

the hardest part of the day for me was not ripping a hobbity head off. he did nothing wrong; he was sweet as can be; it's just that the blahs are usually accompanied by the inability to tolerate the good mood of others.
right now he & his daddy-o are in the kitchen making pizzas. they are also being extremely silly, & laughing quite a bit. sadly i'm unable to enjoy listening, because i'm using all my concentration to keep from running in there, & shrieking at them to stop!! having!! fun!! & maybe smacking them about the head & shoulders with whatever is close at hand.
the blahs are nasty, & so am i.
ugh. if you weren't already thinking dreadful things about me, you surely will now. thehobbit just brought me the pizza he made for me -- it's heart-shaped: just for you mama, because i love you.
ok i'm off to eat my love-pizza, made with love by my most beloved boy. i hope i don't burst into flames.

** blogger is removing spaces between paragraphs again. sorry for the scrunched-togetherness.**


loftygal said...

Sorry for the blahs! I've had them before, and they are no fun.

kat said...

thanks for the support :-)

asti said...

Glad you are feeling a bit less blah now ! Horrible isn't it. Sometimes I get like this and when the rest of them are having fun it grates on me so much ! So mean I know... at least it's transient.

kat said...

thanks asti. it's nice to know i'm not the only nasty mama out there ;-)

belleandboo said...

oh I no those days well, hang on in there !

kat said...

thanks mandy. i made it through, & more importantly, so did all my loved ones :-)

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