09 October 2008

the word of the day: dinky

i've written many times about thehobbit's love of all things dinky. he loves dinky food, dinky toys, & dinky creatures. he spends a great deal of time making dinky items, & rearranging his collection of dinkies in his dinky houses. it is all wonderful to be sure, but i'm beginning to feel like a giant in my own home.

this is his borrowers' main house, & guest house. the photo was taken a few months ago, so there are vastly more dinkies within each building. soon they shall be emptied though & hopefully purged of crap as we're going to add a floor in that huge open space above the great room, paint the walls & exterior, & faux bois the floors. by we i mean i - which i am sure you guessed.

here we have a close-up of the dining room. i love the silver candlestick & tea service, combined with the wooden spool chairs. he made the table out of a painted candle holder, & the metal disk that came with a package of magnets. of course he's long since rearranged the room, & turned the spools into something else.

this photo was taken when we were reading this. the dinky penguin was quite the explorer, & thehobbit was forever finding him hanging out in the house, pirate ship, castle, & even the hogwarts playset. i have no idea how he got all those places ;-)

even manlyman's gotten into the spirit, & occasionally burns down candle stubs, & moves things about. thehobbit is always thrilled to discover proof that the borrowers exist. it truly has been such fun, & brought us all a lot of happiness. i just wish it were all dust repellent.


his latest dinky obsession is not making daddyo & i as happy. sweet tinker has inspired him to become a steampunk artist. it's not the genre we are unhappy with; steampunk things are very cool; it's that he took apart his watch & his pocket watch before we knew what he was about. we learned he had done so when he very proudly showed me how he'd organized all the dinky bits into containers just as tinker had. yeah.

there was a royal proclamation sent out, banning all disassembling of anything, no matter what, until further notice. we told him if he uses the bits & bobs to create some steampunk coolness of his own, then we'll discuss lifting the ban. if he does actually stick with this we'll buy him a bunch of thrift shop watches, & some dinky tools for christmas. he did create a pretty box (asking if it looked like tinker's boxes,) but he'd glued dinky shells to a small box, & not used one watch bit. cute, but no watch bits doesn't count.


my own journey with dinkies currently is gnomie-based. i have to create a zillion of them for the winter show, as well as to have on hand for prezzies & random orders. i'm thrilled that my dinky gnomies are so popular, & i'm in love with my new wooden gnomies, but i imagine come december i'll be sick of the site of them all.

which brings me to the end of my babble for today. i need to finish here, & get to cutting gnomie cloaks. i hope you have a good night.


bhán said...

My apprentice has appeared - send that young man over here!

kat said...

i've packed a basket with snacks, & dressed him in warm clothes. as soon as he finishes gathering all his dinky belongings, he'll be on his way ;-)

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