13 October 2008

small house. in the middle of the street.

did i tell you that i finally made the switch from mouse-on-wheel power to dsl? that's right people, i am now able to zip through the internet at speeds that make me a tad vomity! & yes i was the one who just last night was extolling the old-fashioned way. people? i was able to take a shower in the time it took elvie to upload a photo to blogger! i kid you not. ok a quick shower, but still! besides, i am writing this post whilst wearing a bonnet, & churning butter.

i have many photos to share with you, & were my camera's batteries not dead, i would be able to upload them at a wicked, vomity speed. i have been a crafting mad woman. i've begun getting stock ready for the waldorf winter faire, have been tinkering with a few new items, & have kept going with the swap-bot stuff. oh! the woman received my whimsy jar, & had lovely things to say about it. she even hearted me, which is quite a big deal :-)

because i cannot share my photos, i've taken some from greenleaf. thehobbit & i spent an hour this morning, poking through photos of miniatures online. looking at freakyexpensive dollhouses led us to look for more affordable kits. i'm not thrilled with the tab & slot construction, but it does mean that thehobbit can put this kit together on his own should he want to. what do you think?

this one is called arthur. manlyman & i are talking about getting this for thehobbit for xmas. he loves building wooden kits, & he loves minis, so this is the perfect prezzie for him. it's handmade for the holidays taken to the extreme - happy xmas love, make your prezzie yourself. hahahaha!

& if you think this house is sweet, you have to see this! i'm trying to come up with a reason to justify buying that for myself. can't you see the exterior painted to look like a vintage airstream?

all of this takes me back to my childhood. my gramma & i belonged to a miniature club. we'd get 1 kit in the mail each month, then spend most of the day putting it together. those kits were extremely detailed. i remember a dresser with queen anne legs, a grandfather clock, chairs, tables, a 4-poster bed, & loads of dinky brass bits. in a fit of nostalgia, i showed thehobbit photos of minis similar, & he said those are too fussy for me. that boy is one of a kind to be sure.

i know i'm not the only one in prezzie-mode. what are you planning to give your kids?


** song now stuck in my head from post title **

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