26 October 2008

one year!!! & one day.

in typical kat fashion, i am one day late celebrating my blogaversary with you. i'd love to tell you that i was too busy yesterday to post; what with the lavish party manlyman through for me & all. sadly that would be a lie. the truth is that my mind has been in a half-fog battling a pestilence, & i just forgot to post. perhaps i can make one year & a day the next big thing in celebrations?

because we've been vacationing in pestilenceville, our week has been a quiet one. i've gotten a few things deep cleaned, a few others organized, but mostly we've been resting on the couch. i'm sure this (& the meds) has helped keep both thehobbit & myself from getting worse.
one thing i have been enjoying, is listening to this:

son of a witch is the sequel to wicked & so far i'm enjoying it quite a lot. i discovered that i love listening to audio books. we'd been getting cds of thehobbit's books to listen to whilst driving since he was tiny. at first it kept him from fussing, (& me from going insane listening to kiddie songs) then as he grew older it became a favorite time for listening to longer stories. 2 years or so ago we began getting cds for the house as well. not to replace family story time, but to make cleaning time less dreary. if you've yet to try that, i think you should.

i'm not sure why, but it never occurred to me to get audio books for myself. finally i have, & i feel silly for waiting so long. now i don't have to choose between knitting, or reading. i don't have to rush through sewing dinky gnomies so i can get to my book. i can just snuggle on the couch with my work, & listen through my cushy headphones. win, win!

another recent discovery is that i'm very picky when it comes to headphones. ok when it comes to many things, but we needn't go there. i don't much care for the earbuds, nor any of the light-weight headphones. i do like this 1 set i have that slide over the ears, & have no top bar. they hold more snugly to my ears than the light-weight type. what i really want are the ones i had when i was a kid; sort of like these. they were comfy, plus i could more easily pretend i was in the recording studio, when i had only 1 ear covered. it's just not the same with earbuds. or perhaps i'll make these! because, you know, i have so much time on my hands.
so what about you? what are you reading? do you have a headphone preference? would it be ok to wear the big headphones when thehobbit is feeling particularly chatty?

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