14 October 2008

a quickie with photos

i am supposed to be at the grocery store right now, but i stole batteries from something else (duh) & wanted to share a few photos before i left for the day. it's also craft night, so you would have had to wait a whole other day. we both know waiting sucks.

this is for a fiber arts mushroom swap. it's made from wool felt, with the cap stuffed with roving. i didn't attach the cap; which is why i was able to tilt it for the photo. it needs to tilt so you can see this!

everyone should have a chinese mushroom! i used a wooden, gnomie body for the stem & head. i hope my swap partner likes it.

another i am in is the pocket lady swap. the items needed to be waldorf-appropriate, & dinky. each of my 2 partners was to receive 3 items. i already sent my first out, but didn't take photos. this mushroom is freakysmall. i meant to put a coin into the shot, so you could see just how wee, but i was too lazy to head over to the coin jar.

i still have 1 more item to create, then i'll have completed this swap. here is the little mushroom with a forest gnomie.

i want to keep them both!! i didn't get a photo of the gnomie's back - his cloak is embroidered. he's fancy.

past time for me to be off. i hope your day is a wonderful adventure. & by the way... i checked, & my comments are not turned off. some of you people need to delurk & say hello. let me rephrase that, some of you need to delurk, not anonymously, & say hello.



bhán said...

These are all so cute, but I especially love the red & white mushroom with the face!

kat said...

thank you so much tinker!

PhoenixAlien said...

super lovely gnomies...lucky swap recipient eh????

kat said...

i think she's lucky. she also is obsessed with commenting on my blog incognito, but i never said all my friends were normal ;-)

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