22 October 2008

journey - noun 1) a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.

some of you may have noticed the little count-down party happening over there ----->
in just a few days, i will have been on this blogging journey for 1 year; & oh what a journey it has been.

i just read my first entry, & find it quite fitting that as i write this, thehobbit is playing with his borrowers' house. that house; much like this blog; has grown well beyond the little play thing it once was. both have become necessary parts of our lives. of who we are.

the near-daily babbling to you, has aided with with my real writing, (you didn't know this was fake writing, did you?) even though it's destroyed my sentence structure, & use of punctuation.

a few weeks before beginning this blog, i was using this book to help me focus on the creative facets of my life. one of the things the book had me do was write non-stop, & unedited for 15 minutes a day. at first it went well, but not long in i found myself skipping days. it just didn't hold my interest. blogging each day took the place of that exercise, & obviously interested me enough to stick with it.

blogging also led me to the creative focus i had hoped the book would provide. not only did i get back into a world i'd let slip away, but i ventured beyond that world, into that of my dreams. now i have a business of which i'm proud, i belong to a co-op of amazing women artists, & even find myself knitting & crocheting!


none of the above is really much of a surprise to me. i am an optimistic dreamer of the highest magnitude. what does come as a surprise are the things i hadn't known about.

i had not known that watching me on my journey, would lead my child to search out creative paths of his own. i didn't know that creating the co-op would give me 4 sisters i wish never, ever, ever to be without. i didn't know that i would discover other blogs that inspire, entertain, & move me in ways i am unable to express.

most of all i hadn't known about all of you. nobody told me that my readers would touch my heart with kind words, & regular visits. most of you do not leave comments, (witness protection program?) but i see you through sitemeter, & it thrills me to no end just knowing you're there. i don't know what it is that keeps you coming back, but i want you to know i am glad you do. glad you have joined me on my journey. our journey.


so thank you blogland. thank you for the focus, the outlet, the laughter that made me pee myself, the friends, the imaginary friends, the fun, the tears, the inspiration, the escape, the help, the geography lessons for thehobbit, the love, the everything else.

& oh yeah - the one hell of an amazing year.

~peace & love, kat.

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