30 October 2008

in this town of hallowe'en...

hallowe'en is among my most favorite times of the year. i love the smell of the approaching winter, seeing the leaves turn & fall, & the excitement of costumes & parties. spiritually it is the time we talk about those who've passed, keeping thehobbit connected with those he's never met, or can no longer remember.

today is to be our day for celebrating things spiritually. i've already dug out old photos to look through when things wind down after dinner, & my plan is to spend the afternoon focusing with thehobbit on that which grounds us: the farm, the house, the meals.

he is only 10 after all, so of course there shall be lots of silliness as well. we have to watch our favorite hallowe'en movies; this & this; decorate our dia de los muertos skulls, & perhaps get out the box of instruments to hold a family jam session. but oh what to wear???


costumes! everything is vastly more fun when one is in costume. that's how we see it at the belfry at any rate. tomorrow thehobbit shall be dressing as a pirate. again. now you know i love pirates as much as the next girl, but i love making costumes so much more. his pirate outfit from hallowe'en '06 still fits; that is to say it finally does fit; but still! i have no costumes to sew this year, & that makes me a bit sad.

thehobbit did talk briefly this morning about dressing steampunk, but before i could get too excited, i found him laying out his piratey gear. he would make the most adorable steampunk! oddly enough we have pretty much everything he'd need, including goggles & a top hat. ok not so oddly really.


tomorrow (after carving our pumpkins) we'll be joining thepapers at disneyland. they don't allow adults into the park in costume, so only the shorties shall get to dress up. whatever. doubly more important for me to dress today, don't you think? hmmm steampunk mama?

that's all the babble i have time for today. i hope you have a wonderful hallowe'en, however you celebrate it. blessed be.


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