01 October 2008

is it time yet for bed?

there was a power outage that lasted from 6ish pm, until 10 pm last night. normally i'd be thrilled at the prospect of a quiet adventure, light a few candles, & snuggle next to manlyman with a book, or a craft project. we did light candles, (because being able to see is a good thing) but it was so abnormally, freakishly hot that neither wanted to sit anywhere near the other. books didn't hold my attention for more than a few minutes, & the thought of crafting whilst sweating in places a girl ought not held no appeal. i was hot, crabby, antsy, & probably annoying. it was quiet to be sure, but it wasn't an adventure.

after a time reading, manlyman gave in to the heat & the quiet, & fell asleep. i became bored without someone to pester, so puttered about in the dark, playing with flashlights, & talking to myself. later i made him go to bed so i could have the couch all to myself. when the power came back on, i lay in the dark, mindlessly watching television, glad for the distraction.

i should have done yoga, or meditated before going off to bed. anything to switch my head & body out of the strange mood of the eve. because i did nothing, i slept poorly. today i have a zillion errands to do, & no energy. this should be fun. bright side? it's wednesday, which means craft night! & did i tell you...

photo :: property of blueeyedcrow.wordpress.com


tinker has finally joined the world of blogging! please visit her, & leave a comment if you like what you see or read. she's simply lovely, & her art is mind bogglingly beautiful. & on that note, it's time for me to go! i hope your day is a happy one.



bhán said...

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like the pieces! I hope it cools down soon, sweating while working with textiles can not be fun.

kat said...

you're welcome :-)

yes! where is autumn? this heat is no fun.

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