27 October 2008

a day out

there is no nice way to say this: thehobbit & i woke today, sick of being together. ok there most likely was a nicer way to say that, but there you have it. over a week at home with only each other & the pestilence for company was quite enough for us both. as it was manlyman's day off, i suggested an outing. sparing you the usual, painful where should we go discourse: we decided to take a walk at the beach.
thehobbit nearly peed himself with glee as we loaded his trike into bella, & headed to the coast. after a little picnic by the sand, (& tossing our bread crusts to the seagulls) we set off down the bike path. the weather could not have been better! the marine layer was so thick, you couldn't see far past the jetty, but it was warm enough to forego hoodies - my favorite.
a long walk (roll for the hobbit,) a break to play at the playground, sorbet for the walk (roll) back, & lots of stopping to look at things; made for a perfect day out. the best part? thehobbit & i breathed in all that healing, ocean air, & are happy together once more.

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