25 July 2009

slowly, but surely

i am getting everything done. ok not every single thing, but i am knocking a few important items off the dreaded before-the-bebe-arrives- to-do list. this was one that i just couldn't let slide:

image :: property of katsinthebelfry

i made t-shirts for thehobbit & minipaper (hers says sister of course) to wear on the big day. they are both sassy little creatures, so the typical, cutesy big brother/sister shirts wouldn't do.

i cannot wait to see them bounding into my hospital suite, wearing the shirts that proudly proclaim both their importance, & their stance on diapers.

now i'm off to put up my poor little feet, & drink a giant glass of iced tea. i hope your saturday is a lovely one.

edited to add :: some have emailed asking - i don't have a daughter. minipaper is thehobbit's bestest bud (& daughter of paper ). to us they are family.


health is wealth said...

my feeds

Paula said...

Cool shirts! :)

maltagirl said...

I love these!

kat said...

thanks everyone:-)

asti said...

I just saw your comment in the side bar!


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