22 July 2009

a whine & a crown

it would seem that my body enjoyed being forced to do nothing but rest for over a week. feeling much better, i attempted a few errands this morning - then found myself back at home within the hour. just that little walking brought on uncomfortable contractions. my body has been happily resting in bed ever since.

unfortunately my mind has been miserable. i want to get things done, i want to clean my filthy house, i want to play! it dawned on me today that i may just have to give in, & accept that i may not have everything ready for thebebe's arrival, & my home may have to remain filthy. oh just writing about that last bit makes me want to cry!

i'll make a deal with you body: you let me get the house 100% cleaned before we leave for the hospital on tuesday, & i'll spend the rest of the time resting. i won't attempt errands, projects, or anything else - just let me get the place clean. you think about it, & get back to me. ok?

so as not to only whine & complain:
i did manage to make a birthday crown before the pestilence hit. it's a donation for this year's homeschool expo. the dragonfly artisans (hotlink still not working, please look under 'more kat' for the link) are giving a basket of fantasy play items to be raffled.

i really like the fake silver pearls, backed by the giant silver sequins - fancy, yet understated ;-)

& on that note, i'm off.


rubelin said...

I suggest 10 min intervals for cleaning (with at least an hour rest in between). That's about how long you stand to water the garden without problems and I'll bet you can sit still for an hour after each endeavor without your head exploding =D

kat said...

that may just be my only option. thanks neighbor lady.

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